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  • No subscription fees/charges of any kind.
  • It is fully supported by professional installation.
  • It comes in different sizes and is easily scalable.
  • It comes with a large battery bank for a very long backup
  • Warranty and after sales maintenance service

how to maintain solar panels

Information on Cleaning and Maintaining Solar Panels Owning solar panels is a big investment, and solar panel maintenance is necessary...
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Moving Away from Traditional Cooking

Millions of people in developing countries especially Africa, cooks for their families’ just as our ancestors did thousands of years...
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Environmental Impacts of Solar Energy

The Environmental Impacts of Turning to Solar Energy The sun is a huge source of energy which has only recently...
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How to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

With the steady increase in electricity tariff and cost of fuel, it becomes imperative to reduce your energy consumption hereby...
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It’s the power-laden question, which continues to generate debate around the country: which is a better portable power alternative –...
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How Much Can Solar Save?

It’s common knowledge that solar energy is good for the environment, but do you know is possible to maximize solar...
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Making Your Home More Self-Sufficient

Becoming more self-sufficient entails giving the environment a break. By being self-sufficient, you decrease your dependence on the environment, by...
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Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in Solar Energy

Solar energy   Making a well informed decision of whether or not is solar right for you requires a lot...
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Interesting Facts About Solar Energy You Probably Didn’t Know.

 Interesting Facts About Solar Energy You Probably Didn’t Know.    Investing in solar energy can pay for itself The overall...
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We are empowering women in the renewable energy sector

We believe that men and women should have equal opportunities for employment in the clean energy sector. Therefore, we are...
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Why Businesses are going solar in Nigeria

As businesses and startups grow and evolve, they try to find various solutions for saving money and having a better...
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Noise Pollution Health Risk Associated with Generator Use

Electrical power is a very important commodity for development of any nation. With electrical energy the people are empowered to...
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There is need for enlightenment campaign on dangers of generator fumes  A widow and her three children in the Ikorodu...
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New electricity tariff: What implications for consumers?

  The new electricity tariff regime takes effect from April 1, AKINOLA AJIBADE examines its implications on consumers. In April...
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Dangers of using Portable Generator

While portable generators are useful when temporary or remote electric power is needed, generators also can be extremely hazardous and...
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Tips for cleaning solar panels

Watch this quick educational video on how to maintain your solar panel https://youtu.be/VNz15PSuNjA Solar panels use sun light and not...
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Why Businesses are going solar in Nigeria

  As businesses and startups grow and evolve, they try to find various solutions for saving money and having a...
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What solar system size do I need ?

Find the best deal on solar for your Business, Home or Office Some businesses may be limited by roof space...
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Power supply deficit in Nigeria

Electricity generation in Nigeria began in Lagos in 1886 with the use of generators to provide 60 kilowatts. In 1923...
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Nigeria’s Power Supply Drops In Q2 2019, Says New Report

Owner supplied to Nigerian homes dropped from 9.6 to 9.2 hours daily, according to a report released by Vanpeux. The...
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