About Us

Why Solarity

Solarity-SOLAR FOR THE COMMUNITY is DC enabled system that comes with its own DC appliances;

  • solarity box,
  • solar panels,
  • lightings,
  • Solar fans,
  • Solar TV
  • Solar pressing iron,
  • phone charging ports,
  • Storage (solar batteries).

Our Mission

We are a sales and technical organization; and we grow profitably by Acquiring new customers, Developing current customers to greater profitability and Retaining profitable businesses.


  • In 2017, we were nominated as winner Africa’s Most Reliable Solar Energy Product of the year 2017 by Africa Quality Achievement Awards,
  • BusinessDay Top 100 Fastest Growing SMEs Award 201
  • Vconnect/UnionBank Performance Award by Vconnect users in NIgeria
  • ConnectNigeria/UnionBank Top100 Emerging SMEs