It’s common knowledge that solar energy is good for the environment, but do you know is possible to maximize solar usage not just for the earth, but also for your wallet? As solar energy becomes increasingly affordable, the financial incentives that come along with installing solar panels are just as persuasive
Becoming more self-sufficient entails giving the environment a break. By being self-sufficient, you decrease your dependence on the environment, by using the earth’s natural resources to create your own sustainability. Originally humankind lived for centuries by being self-sufficient, now we depend negatively on the earth’s resources, causing an imbalance and
Solar energy   Making a well informed decision of whether or not is solar right for you requires a lot of understanding of how solar really works. But here is a step stone to start making that decision right.   HOW A SOLAR SYSTEM WORKS.   Averagely solar system is
 Interesting Facts About Solar Energy You Probably Didn’t Know.    Investing in solar energy can pay for itself The overall amount you save in investing in solar power is actually where the value lies. So when you switch to a solar energy system, try not to take the initial price
We believe that men and women should have equal opportunities for employment in the clean energy sector. Therefore, we are involved in preparing more women for the renewable energy sector as solar designers, installers and engineers. Women are underrepresented in the energy sector, our goal is to train and mentor